TravelWise Week

Act TravelWise is co-ordinating TravelWise Week 2021. The week-long campaign will be held at the same time as, and in co-operation with, European Mobility Week (EMW) - 16-22 September 2021.

We held a Boot Camp webinar with Don Kent this year on the 5th May 2021. 

For more information about registering an event for TravelWIse Week or for help in setting one up then please contact  [email protected] or [email protected] 

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You are invited to get involved - whether you represent a local authority, transport operator, business, university, health care provider or even just as an individual. It's an opportunity to engage with the public and other partners broadly on the theme of transport and travel in a number of ways:

  1. encouraging modal shift and physical activity by offering various types of incentives (e.g. travel discounts, passes), support (e.g. PTP, cycle training), useful information (e.g. maps, timetables), education and motivation
  2. showcasing new or planned infrastructure improvements (e.g. new cycling/walking routes, pedestrian zones, public space enhancements, new cleaner buses)
  3. increasing awareness, support and momentum for local initiatives through face-to-face interaction


2021: This year's theme is ‘Move Sustainably. Stay Healthy’.


In 2021, EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK focuses on ‘Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility’. The theme highlights the benefits of sustainable and active mobility habits in our health, physical and mental, and well-being.

You have the option of using the TravelWise Week or European Mobility Week (EMW) branding for your local events and activities. Act TravelWise is providing TravelWise Week logos and posters (downloads below), web resources, regional support networks, contacts and links to the EMW campaign e.g. campaign materials and communication toolkit. Our campaign co-ordinator Don Kent (07931 978771, [email protected]) will be happy to support and steer your efforts.

Regardless of which branding you use, please register your participation on the European Mobility Week website, where you will find one registration link for 'Cities' and another for 'Businesses, NGOs, Schools and Other Actors'. Don has even offered to complete the registration form on your behalf. Registration will also make you eligible for awards.

Let's start organising now for the 2021 campaign and make it a year to remember!

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Poster Resources (courtesy Diva Creative, updated for 2021 by Act TravelWise):

  • poster image - available at 600x860px (JPG) for web use, 249x345px (JPG) for social media use, and 600x335px (JPG) for Twitter
  • A4 poster - non-customisable (PDF)
  • A4 poster - with 'empty belly' for adding local event info (PDF)

Image Resources (courtesy Diva Creative):

  • logo - available at 2298x1845px (JPG) and 167x125px (JPG)
    Travelwiseweek Logo Thumbnail50px
  • logo on blue with transport icons - available at high res and low res
    Logo On Blue With Transport Icons 50 X 58Px
  • bus graphic - 2521x952px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Bus Thumbnail50px
  • car sharing graphic - 1195x742px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Car Thumbnail50px
  • cyclist graphic - 1195x742px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Cyclist Thumbnail50px
  • three pedestrians graphic - 1904x975px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Ped Group Thumbnail50px
  • pedestrian1 image - 810x942px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Ped1 Thumbnail50px
  • pedestrian2 image - 810x942px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Ped2 Thumbnail50px