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EPOMM E-Update on Climate Change Mitigation

On 28 April 2020, EPOMM (European Platform on Mobility Management) published its latest e-update on the topic of climate change mitigation. 

The theme is described as follows:

There is no doubt that global climate change has a major impact on the environment, on society and on the economy. Those countries, cities and companies showing foresight are taking the lead in finding answers to fight climate change. That means taking an ambitious approach to climate protection while at the same time ensuring sustainable development.
“However, a holistic transformation policy approach is required, combining actions and making use of synergies, inter alia with regard to behavioural changes, sharing concepts, alternative fuels, digitalisation, active mobility, safe and inclusive mobility, and of course with regard to Mobility Management.” (Graz Declaration, Oct 2018)

The e-update can be read online here.