News articles about Act TravelWise and sustainable transport initiatives along with published news in the press are published here. Members also regularly submit news items covering initiatives at their organisation.





The fuel economy of electric cars:

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular option for drivers who’re conscious about the impact they’re having on the environment. And while critics of the past might have cited a lack of range in their batteries, things are quite different in 2021.

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DfT have announced the Worlds first greenprint to decarbonise domestic transport by 2050.

Also a number of initiatives to improve and increase walking and cycling within the UK.



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‘Sustainable transport company, Mosodi, are working with the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, who run 4 acute hospitals and community services in Greater Manchester, to encourage travel behaviour change amongst staff at their Oldham Care Organisation and Royal Oldham Hospital site.  The 1dayaweek campaign provides employers with a professionally designed behaviour change campaign and monthly prize incentives and directly target and inspire drivers to make small commute changes, rather than traditional approaches previously used. 1dayaweek is being delivered at part of the travel plan for a new development at the hospital and the Group Sustainable Development (Green) Plan.

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