Annual Conference 2021 Presentations


Tuesday 26 January

10:00 - 11:30 (Opening Session sponsored by Cyclehoop) - 

 Cyclehoop Logo Orange Small

• Session 1 recording (password: ZqrcimM4)
• Welcome intro
• Mary Creagh, Chief Executive Officer, Living Streets and former MP
• Anthony Lau, Founder and Design Director, Cyclehoop on 'The Innovative Way to Reallocate On-Street Parking'
• Irene Beautyman, Planning for Place Programme Manager, Improvement Service, on 20-Minute Neighbourhoods in Scotland
• Questions, discussion and conclusions

13:30 - 15:00 (Localisation & Proximity Planning) -

• Session 2 recording (password: yQAPxxT2)
• Welcome intro
• Randall Ghent, Act TravelWise, with an Introduction to Proximity Planning
• James Mant, 20-Minute Neighbourhood Policy and Programme Lead, Government of Victoria, Australia (pre-recorded), on 20-minute neighbourhoods in Melbourne (see recording for presentation)
• Professor Carlos Moreno, Advisor to the City of Paris on 15-Minute Cities, Scientific Director of the Chair ETI, Panthéon Sorbonne University – IAE Paris; Smart City Special Envoy of the Mayor of Paris
• Questions, discussion and conclusions

Wednesday 27 January

10:00 - 11:30 (Connected & Integrated Transport sponsored by BetterPoints Ltd) -

Betterpoints Logo2

• Session 3 recording (password: GuJAjxV5)
• Welcome intro
• Chair: Dan Gipple, Founder, BetterPoints Ltd
• Nicola Kane, Head of Strategic Planning, Insight and Innovation, Transport for Greater Manchester
• Deborah Fox, Head of Demand Management, Transport for West Midlands
• Ranald Robertson, Director, HITRANS, on the Go-Hi project, with Ross Basnett, Strategic Account Director, FleetonDemand (Mobilleo)
• Questions, discussion and conclusions

13:30 - 15:00 (Clean Air & Decarbonising Transport sponsored by Commonplace) -

Commonplace Logo Small

• Session 4 recording (password: uJrrYbi5)
• Welcome intro
• Chair: Steve Rowe, Regional Business Development, Commonplace
• Dr Bob Moran, Deputy Director, Head of Environment Strategy, Department for Transport (verbal presentation)
• Professor Jillian Anable, DecarboN8 and Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
• Peter Edwards, Principal Clean Air Zone Officer, Birmingham City Council
• Frank Roach, Partnership Manager, HITRANS, on Rail Decarbonisation
• Questions, discussion and conclusions

Thursday 28 January

10:00 - 11:30 (Boosting Active Travel & Micro-mobility sponsored by SYSTRA) -

Systra Logo

• Session 5 recording (password: 4fCBWxvJ)
• Welcome intro
• Chair: Emily Walsh, Associate Director, SYSTRA
• Professor Glenn Lyons, Centre for Transport & Society, University of the West of England, on 'Walking as a Service'
• Catriona Meehan, Head of Policy, Communication & Sustainability, Wind Mobility, on the Nottingham E-Scooter Trial
• Lorna Finlayson, Scotland Director, CoMoUK, on Free Bike Share in Edinburgh and Glasgow
• Guy Boulby, Head of Cycling and Walking, Department for Transport, on the Active Travel Fund and other initiatives
• Questions, discussion and conclusions

13:30 - 15:00 (Closing Session) -

• Session 6 recording (password: ThpSfsJ5)
• Welcome intro (conference wrap-up, plans for the year, opportunities to get involved)
• Pub-style transport and travel quiz, with Don Kent and Dr Kate Pangbourne