Act Travelwise Training Event

Workplace Travel Plans: A Local Authority Guide - 17 March 2015

For many local authorities a Travel Plan Network has been an integral part of their strategy for engaging with local businesses and promoting sustainable travel to employees. However, with the end of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund in sight and revenue budgets under pressure how are these Networks going to secure ongoing funding so they can continue to operate?

Drawing on the facilitators' and delegates' experiences, this workshop will examine the advantages and disadvantages of different models of Travel Plan Networks and identify what actions can be taken to sustain them beyond the end of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Date/time: Tuesday 17 March 2015, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Speakers: Tim Huxley (Bournemouth Council) and Richard Adams (AECOM)

Venue: AECOM, 3rd Floor, Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, Bristol BS1 6NA

Cost: Free for Act TravelWise members (first delegate), £50 + VAT for additional delegates, £115 + VAT for non-members

Registration: via Eventbrite