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Travel Wise Week : Car Free Day/Mobility week - Boot Camp!

Car Free Day/Mobility week -  BOOT CAMP !

Travelwise Week/European Mobility Week/World Car free day is always the 16th to 22nd September. It is the high point of the Sustainable transport year and this year is even more important. As the country emerges from Covid there is increased emphasis on active travel and getting public transport back on track.

Add to that the United Nations Climate Change Conference is happening in Glasgow on the 1st November for 12 days and the eyes of the world will be on the UK. We need to show that sustainable transport is a big part of the fight against climate change in the UK. 

To help you get your event underway we are holding a Boot Camp on May 5th @2:00pm

Looking at the background to the week and how to get moving whether you are a small organisation a council or a big regional transport body. To help you we have this line up.

Don KentEMW Co-ordinator UK   - Don will cover the background to Car Free Day, Background to European Mobility Week, mobility actions, COP26 and the first steps.
Georgi Tyler - Bath and North East Somerset Council  - Georgi will cover previous car free examples of  smaller town and city experience and how to start from scratch when developing Car Free Days for your area.
Darren BrayStudio : B.A.D Architects Will demonstrate current work with Go Southampton the local Business Improvement district. On a range of Public realm and Tactical Urbanism schemes. 
Studio BAD have been working on several urban planning schemes, what we refer to as Tactical Urbanism, each looking at how design can positively assist with the recovery plans after COVID-19, helping to support a deeper, stronger recovery for urban centres and create greener urban centres going forward.
The ’20 Minute City’ concept is an idea we have become increasingly interested in as a model to embrace. This idea is a break away from the current trend, which tends to zone aspects of life separately, like living and working, relying on private cars as the main mode of transport. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to rethink how we live. With so many of us now successfully working from home it has made people question the need, and want, to go back to commuting long distances to work on a daily basis. Bringing everything within a short distance, which is can be covered without needing a car, creates richer and more liveable neighbourhoods which could help regenerate our urban centres after the pandemic.
Suzy Harrison - Active Travel Manager at Lambeth Council                                                                         
Lambeth has been running Car Free Days annually since 2010. We have celebrated our achievements in public realm improvements for cycling and walking as well as showing how spaces can be used better than parking and moving traffic.
Hamish Stewart - Co-Founder, London Car Free Day / Celebrate Car Free Day -  Hamish Stewart Co-Founder of London Car Free Day will cover the essentials of getting large Cities and pan regional bodies involved in supporting car free day activity and mobility weeks.

Our experts will show you how to frame your event within your organisations policy's, how to get community and business support, and lots of helpful tips on publicity and monitoring.


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