Health Forum

The text below describes the purpose and activities of the Act TravelWise Health Forum. For more information, please get in touch with Rui Marcelino at


The purpose the Health Forum is to guide the sharing and exchange of good practice in the management of transport matters insofar as they relate to effective operation of NHS sites across the UK.  The Health Forum will also establish itself as advisers at a national, regional and local level to those engaged in policy development in related areas. It will generate additional membership of Act TravelWise from the health sector.

In the interests of clarity the Health Forum is a small active group of professionals that are responsible for managing the activities identified above which, it is anticipated, will be taken advantage of by a larger proportion of the community.

The Health Forum is a standing body. It shall also act as an advisory body to the Act TravelWise Board.


The Health Forum is intended to provide support to those engaged in transport planning for NHS and other health care sites who are members of Act TravelWise. While recognising the importance of health and transport issues the Forum is not, at this stage, to involve itself in discussions related to public health authority matters.

It should be noted that any activities arranged by the Health Forum are for the use of Act TravelWise members only. In some cases this may mean preventing non-members from accessing them or charging non-members for them.


The Health Forum has full decision making powers acknowledging that it will at the discretion of its Chair defer matters to the Act TravelWise Board for their consideration.


The Health Forum will include a small core group of members each charged with taking forward the forum's activities. These positions will initially include:
•    Chair
•    Vice Chair
•    Knowledge Sharing and Events Lead
•    Membership Lead

Formal nominations for the above will be considered at the first event to be organised by the Forum. In the interim the following individuals will take the above positions as follows:

Meeting Arrangements

The arrangements for the Health Forum meetings are as follows:
•    Meetings will take place quarterly.
•    They will take place at the offices of the Health Forum members on a rotating basis and will wherever possible utilise teleconference option.
•    An agenda will be circulated in advance of each meeting.
•    Minutes will be taken at each meeting.

The primary means of communication between meetings will be email and potentially an on-line forum once established.


The Chair and Vice Chair will provide a brief quarterly report to the Act TravelWise Board and as necessary the Act TravelWise AGM.

Resources and Budget

The Health Forum is not, at least initially, a budget holding body. All activities undertaken by the Forum will therefore be cost neutral. That said the Health Forum can from time to time call on the resources made available through the Act TravelWise Board and may from time to time make submissions to them for funding for specific initiatives.


The Forum will:
•    Run one major annual event in parallel with the national Act TravelWise Conference where possible.
•    Organise and deliver four training events per annum.
•    Initiate and maintain an on-line Forum for those interested in related topics.
•    Develop and collate case studies and other materials for inclusion on the Act TravelWise website.
•    Generate an annual increase in Act TravelWise members from the health sector.

Other deliverables may be identified from time to time by the Health Forum.


This Terms of Reference will be reviewed 12 months from the date they are agreed by the Forum and the Act TravelWise Board (whichever is the later) and every 24 months thereafter.