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A big thanks to the 30 respondents to our 2016 member survey, which included lots of useful positive and constructive feedback that will go into improving the membership offer and activities in 2017. The survey responses also helped by providing lots of evidence to underpin plans for 2017.

For example, the lack of activity in some regions is being addressed by re-starting regional groups and regional meetings, which is already well underway. It was also very useful to receive feedback on the types of training that members are looking for. This will feed into the 2017 event programme.

The member survey will also provide an insight on changes in satisfaction levels from year to year, as it will be repeated annually and compared to the results from previous years. Thanks again to those who took part. A summary report will be made available on this page in the new year.

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To many of us, big data is a buzz word that has little practical meaning. In this e-update, we will explore what is meant by the term big data and the related concepts of Internet of Things, crowdsourcing and open data. But of course the main question for Mobility Management professionals is how big data can foster a behaviour change and influence transport policies. (Click below to read the e-update.)

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EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management* - has released its July 2016 e-update on the topic of Road Safety. The theme is described as follows:

Ever since humankind started sharing public space with vehicles, road safety has been a hot topic. Pedestrians and cyclists are most vulnerable and often this is an important barrier when promoting sustainable, active travel. This e-update is a journey into the history of road safety and explores the relationship with Mobility Management and sustainability.

Read the EPOMM E-Update here.

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